Toltec released their third self titled album in 2005. To the group's surprise and excitement it was greatly appreciated by the noted Christian B, a DJ on the local Los Angeles radio station, Indie 103.1fm. Christian B played numerous tracks from the album on his program and has become a friend and fan of the group to present.

Toltec has now undergone a metamorphosis into Nest of Seven. Nest of Seven has just released its latest album "In the Valley of the Red Sparrow". Although, not a conceptual album, the music takes the listener through the journey of a little sparrow. The track, "The Arrival", lets the listener hear the sounds from within the sparrow's egg, to his first breath of the outside world. From conception, birth and flight, Nest of Seven has created an album for all to experience.Their intent is to create an environment of sounds, for all to reflect upon their own lives and journeys.

Nest of Seven is currently at work on their 4th album, conceptual in nature with a primary focus on piano and vocals.